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Serving California’s Evolving Litigation Needs

Primary Practice Areas:

Workers' Compensation Defense
Employment Defense
Personal Injury Defense
Civil Litigation

Related Practice Areas:

Age and Race Discrimination
Appellate Research, Writing and Oral Argument
Cal-OSHA Compliance and Administrative Law Proceedings
Defense of Labor Code 132(a) Violations
Defense of Serious and Willful Misconduct Allegations
Disability Discrimination and Accommodation Issues
Drug Testing
EDD Audits
Employee/Independent Contractor Mischaracterization Issues
Family Medical Leave Act/California Family Rights Act
Hire/Fire Issues
Insurance Coverage
Liability Defense and Subrogation
On-the-Job Injuries
Pregnancy Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Wage and Hour Issues
WCIRB Audit Issues
Workplace Violence

Working with Employers & Insurance Companies to  Keep Business in Business

The decision to focus our practice solely on the aggressive defense of both employers and insurance companies resulted from our deeply held belief that a thriving business environment is key to building healthy communities. Quite simply, when we help a corporation stay in business, we keep people working and help communities thrive. This pro-business philosophy, combined with our expertise in the multi-faceted areas of employment law, distinguishes us among law firms.

Offering Essential Employment Law Expertise

For California’s employers, following a workers’ compensation directive can actually result in both Federal and State law violations that could lead to potential lawsuits. From work injuries to civil injury suits, from hire/fire issues to State and Federal mandates, an increasing number of laws affect the rights and duties of both employers and employees. Our years of expertise translate to a unique understanding of how employment laws impact day-to-day business decisions, and provide the knowledge to advocate to employers.

An example of this expertise is our team of employer defense attorneys devoted to defense for Labor Code 132a discrimination defense and Serious and Willful Misconduct cases. These claims can implicate other related State and Federal mandates and represent a potential uninsured risk to employers. PKNW is a recognized expert within California’s legal community in this highly specialized area.